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What's Your Journey to Financial Freedom?

Jamila Souffrant, author of the new book "Your Journey to Financial Freedom," talks with MarketWatch's Beth Pinsker about why so many people hate their jobs and want to save enough to quit and control their own financial destinies.

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This former bartender worked toward financial freedom with real estate


Why more Americans are working into their 70s

Employment rates among seniors are on the rise. But pocketbook imperatives aren't the only reason. Now, more older workers are practicing unretirem...

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Does private equity beat stocks?

This week an episode of Barron’s Streetwise, a finance podcast from our sister publication Barron’s, in which host Jack Hough takes a closer look at private equity — both the critiques of the industry and the returns.

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Retiring early? 5 things to consider before you make the leap.

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Is real estate a good path to financial independence?

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This finance coach prioritizes investing over paying off student debt

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I retired at 55 with $2 million in my 401(k), should I buy an annuity with the $200,000 in my taxable brokerage or use it to fund a Roth conversion?

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Why doesn’t Joe Biden want to retire?

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For this ‘Finance Cowboy,’ fixer-uppers are the key to financial freedom

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The FIRE movement is tempting, but your early retirement dreams need real money. ‘It doesn’t happen overnight.’


The roadmap for your next reinvention

Author Joanne Lipman joins us to discuss her new book, .

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I’m 36 with $435,000 and want to retire early — ‘the earlier the better’ — but without a frugal lifestyle