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Ray Dalio says stocks, bonds have further to fall, sees U.S. recession arriving in 2023 or 2024

Ray Dalio says the Bridgewater ‘Pure Alpha’ fund is up 25% this year

VIDEO: Dalio is convinced the world order is changing

Ray Dalio is convinced the world order is changing. For 50 years the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s biggest hedge fund, has operated as a global macro investor. Now, he thinks we have to be ready for surprises not seen in our lifetimes.

BetMGM CEO: N.Y. ‘missed an opportunity’ this NFL season with high tax rate for online betting

VIDEO: The Moneyist answered some of the most difficult financial questions individuals face today

The Moneyist joins the Best New Ideas in Money Festival to answer some of the most difficult financial questions facing individuals, from estate planning and inheritances to nightmarish divorces.

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Best New Ideas To change the world, we may need to change money first. Best New Ideas in Money podcast explores innovations that rethink how we live, work, spend, save and invest. Each week, MarketWatch financial columnist James Rogers and economist Stephanie Kelton talk to leaders in business, tech, finance and government about the next phase of money's evolution, and meet real people whose lives are being changed as these new ideas are put to the test.

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Why more Americans are working into their 70s

Employment rates among seniors are on the rise. But pocketbook imperatives aren't the only reason. Now, more older workers are practicing unretirement.


Will AI save unicorn tech startups from going extinct?

In the first half of the year, startups faced a tougher funding environment. But now, the tides may be turning, and a potential AI gold rush could help.

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In our previous editions of "Best New Ideas in Money", we explored the next phase in our financial evolution: the innovations that are rethinking money and unlocking exciting new possibilities.

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This week an episode of Barron’s Streetwise, a finance podcast from our sister publication Barron’s, in which host Jack Hough takes a closer look at private equity — both the critiques of the industry and the returns.


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MarketWatch’s Levi Sumagaysay breaks down why actors, teachers, hotel workers and others are striking — and why the recent work stoppages have been in the works for decades.


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The best, new ideas of 2023—so far

We’re more than halfway through the year, and MarketWatch’s Editor in Chief Mark DeCambre joins us to take stock of last year’s calls and, importantly, preview the stories that are going to shape money the rest of the year...


Why taking time off pays off

About 82% of Americans are offered paid time off. Many of them aren’t using it. But according to some, taking a vacation can actually help move your career forward.


Are magic mushrooms going mainstream?

In July, Australia became the first country to legalize the psychedelic drugs psilocybin and MDMA as mental health treatments. This week, we’re revisiting an episode on the opportunities — and challenges — of bringing psyc...


The latest in student-debt forgiveness

MarketWatch’s Jillian Berman joins us to unpack the Supreme Court’s recent ruling, the Biden administration’s Plan B and how borrowers can prepare themselves for payment resumptions.


How the U.S. women’s soccer team scored pay equity

Cindy Parlow Cone, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, World Cup winner, and president of the United States Soccer Federation, joins us to talk about the U.S. women’s soccer team’s successful fight for equal pay.


Can nuclear power save the world?

Supporters say nuclear power is the key to meeting our energy needs and beating climate change. Critics say it's expensive and dangerous. Does nuclear have a role to play in our energy future?


A mammoth mission

A buzzy de-extinction startup is using genetic engineering and restorative biology for big projects — like bringing back the wooly mammoth. Gene-editing pioneer George Church joins us to discuss the venture.


The future of space exploration

When will we land on Mars, and how soon are we going back to the Moon? Mike Massimino, a former astronaut, talks about some of the big new ideas in space.


How to be happier at work

Bruce Feiler, author of the new book The Search, talks about career assumptions that make us unhappy, and what he calls the fourth-biggest change in the history of work.


The future of oil

Oil has a big impact on just about everything, from the price of gas and the cost of your groceries, to the economy more broadly. Top oil analyst Helima Croft joins us for a look at the dynamics of today's oil market.


Why companies — and people — should embrace failure

Many companies say they want to be innovative, but they also don’t want to fail. A new pop-up museum in Brooklyn’s Industry City explores the upside of failure.


Would $10,000 convince you to move to a new city?

That's the premise of Tulsa Remote, and the program is far from alone: Cities across the country are competing for workers who can work from anywhere.


Does buy-now-pay-later pay off?

It's the latest evolution in the installment payment plan. But amid economic turmoil, what should consumers consider about this non-credit-card financing method?


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We’re revisiting an episode looking into advice in popular personal finance and how it compares to academic theory.


The value of a corporate apology

Scandals can cost companies a lot. But does it pay to say you’re sorry?